A Blank Page

In a blank page, there is so much possibility. A place to put down one’s thoughts, words you want to share with another, ideas for things you want to create. And how often do we allow ourselves time and space to contemplate the possibilities of a blank page? We make choices to fill our days and hours with activity. Some of it meaningful and some of it not. It isn’t until we create space for ourselves that we can consider what can arise out of emptiness.

These past few days, I’ve had to myself. Not completely by choice. With my husband out of town, I’ve made unsuccessful attempts to schedule time with friends. I’ve done everything I can think to do to keep myself busy. Until now. Now, I’m sitting in front of a page that until a few moments ago was blank. And I’m contemplating the wonder of life.

Just like the blank page, we come into this world with unlimited possibility. The possibility to create experiences shaped by our desire and intentions. We are changed by these experiences. Changed by their potential. They can be limiting too. Many people are limited by painful experiences—losses, loneliness, fear—which can develop into equally limiting beliefs. But we do not need to accept these limitations.

We have all faced hardship. Whether great or small experiences, hardship is a wise teacher. Of course, it has the possibility to break us apart. But there is an equal opportunity for wholeness. It is in the overcoming that we discover the person that we are—and have the potential to be. When we rise up to meet the challenge before us, we learn how to be resilient and strong and practice skills we didn’t know we had.

Through this process of self-discovery, the wonder of life reveals itself. While it requires perseverance and dedication, it is also a study in joy. And in this moment, I do feel joy. I feel joy because I sat before a blank page and filled it with my thoughts. I feel joy because I am surrounded by the beauty of my garden and a clear blue Colorado sky. I feel joy because I see the wonder of life and am left wanting more. I feel joy because there is so much more that I want to create. I feel joy because I am alive—and anything is possible.