Focused Intention

As I sit down to write, I am reminded about how easy it is to be distracted from what I have set my intention to do. Just moments before, my attention was captured by the chime that tells me I have a new email to which I send off a quick response. There is someone with a question at my office door. We chat for a few minutes. In my peripheral vision, I see a notification come in from Words with Friends on my phone. So I play a couple of moves. This, in just the last 5 minutes.

And it’s not just the little things. I can allow all of my attention and energy to be dissipated by the routine of life. Since I enjoy helping people, I can engage myself in all sorts of activities that support goals other than my own. I’m good at getting things done. If something needs doing, I’ll likely set myself to the task. It’s easy to allow myself to be distracted from my goal of writing. This way, I avoid my fear of failure. Or uncertainty about my writing project.

When I allow myself be swept away by the momentum of the everyday, I am productive, effective, efficient. All of those positive words that make me feel proud. And yet, a tension builds between how I choose to spend my time and the things I need to do if I am to listen to the call of my soul.

What it comes down to is that we all have a choice. We have a choice to live life from a place of  focused intention, oriented toward the goals we set for ourselves. The choice to live authentically and with meaning and purpose. Or one can choose not to. Because this path is not a simple one. At times, it will be challenging, difficult, and demanding so it is not a choice to be lightly made. However, when followed, it certainly creates expansion and growth. There are opportunities and experiences that will surprise and delight you. And you will be filled with a deep sense of satisfaction.

I know what choice I intend to make. What about you?