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Dr. Chad Morris

Dr. Chad Morris is a psychologist and Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. He is also the Vice President of Spark Inspiration through which he provides strategic planning, training, and consultation services to individuals and organizations. Chad is committed to researching the chronic and modifiable behaviors that lead to unnecessary morbidity and mortality among at risk populations. He began his career studying and treating affective disorders, and in 2006 created the Behavioral Health & Wellness Program (BHWP), a multidisciplinary center of excellence for public policy, research, training, and clinical care.

To date, BHWP has worked across 40 states to foster sustainable wellness initiatives, specializing in translational research, technical assistance, and training. Chad has been the principal investigator for over 15 psychosocial and pharmacological tobacco cessation studies across the lifespan. He looks forward to continuing to build evidence-based treatment interventions aimed to close the science-to-service gap for priority populations, interdisciplinary providers, and employees. He has served on a number of boards and committees and is currently the Board Chair for the North American Quitline Consortium.

Chad’s approach is utilization-focused. He partners with organizational clients to realize their inherent capacity for positive change. He assists clients to envision a desired future, define goals, and determine the measurable actions that lead to results.

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