This morning, I got up and went for a run. Not a long one, just a couple of miles. It’s been a long time, too long, given my decision some months ago to start running again. Regardless, my body didn’t make too many complaints. I experienced some stiffness in my hips, reminding me of the hours I spent sitting at my computer and driving in traffic, but it didn’t last long. Otherwise, I felt strong. My lungs drew in the oxygen it needed. My limbs moved freely and without discomfort. I ran with a spring in my steps.

As I savored the sunshine and physical activity, I considered my body’s resilience. I thought about all of the times I have neglected my body over the years and my feelings of gratitude for my physical health. I appreciate the fact that I can go for a run on a whim after many months of not having done so and still have a bounce in my steps. I continue to be amazed at my body’s ability to heal and restore.

And so, it is from this place of appreciation that I want to make a commitment to my body. While I know that I won’t be perfect, I promise that every day I will listen to the wisdom of my body and make choices based on this knowledge. I will avoid doing what I believe I shoulddo. Instead, I will do what best meets my body’s unique needs. This includes nourishing my body to the best of my ability, allowing time for rest and rejuvenation, and engaging in activities to maintain strength and agility. Finally, I will remember to think kind thoughts about my body and appreciate the way it shows up for me every day.