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Pass it on


The movement of the fire burning in the chiminea behind me creates a complex dance of shadows on the side of the house. The warmth and energy of the fire [...]

Pass it on2019-09-17T11:50:24-06:00

Deep Dive


During a recent visit with a friend, she apologized after our conversation took a turn she described as “going deep.” Surprised by her apology, I brushed it off, telling her [...]

Deep Dive2019-09-17T11:54:22-06:00



For a few silent moments, I sit quietly at my desk. Arms in a relaxed, open position. Eyes closed. I breathe in deeply. Then exhale. My shoulders drop. In my [...]


I’m Fine


In recent years, I have been particularly attuned to language, both verbal and written. While I value precision in language, what’s more important to me is what language says about [...]

I’m Fine2018-02-04T15:47:22-07:00