Often, perhaps too often, I find myself at the end of my day, feeling as if I have run a race. Moving nonstop from one thing to the next, there is precious little time to process all that I have experienced. While I am energized by this activity, I am aware of my need for stillness and contemplation that has not been fulfilled. Yet, the momentum of the day continues into the night, where a different set of activities call to me. The satisfaction of these accomplishments supports daily living—to maintain a household or prepare for the coming day—and fails to satisfy a more essential need.

Likely, clearing a space for stillness and contemplation isn’t high on your to-do list, if it even makes it on your list. However, without these activities, the nourishment that our souls require is left unfulfilled. Whether you create an emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual space for yourself, it is here where we can hold open the possibility that we can attain the clarity each of us needs to know ourselves—our values, desires, priorities—and to connect with our essential nature whose guidance provides the knowledge, wisdom, and clarity we all want.

Clear space in your daily routine. Put aside the easy distractions. Whether it is simply a moment you choose to focus on your breath, or time for a longer meditation, take the time you need find your alignment and balance. In this quiet stillness, you may be surprised by what you find.