In uncertain times, we look for ways to ground ourselves. To gain a sense of control, we envision our future, set goals, and strategize. We seek out ways to create meaning and draw lessons from our experience. We act, distract, and stay busy. All these strategies have their purpose and place. They help us to cope through difficult situations as we do our best to keep moving forward.

But what do we do when our future is unclear? Or events are beyond our control or even, perhaps, beyond our conception? When there is no way to objectively act, what is left? I believe it is at these times that we are presented with a precious opportunity, an opportunity to be still and present in the moment. In this quiet place, there is an opening. If we allow ourselves to savor this space, we have a chance to become attuned to our inner voice, our wise guide who can inspire us to manifest our hearts desire.

Our only job then is to listen. Listen to our internal compass. The wise part of ourselves that knows when we are moving in the right direction. During times of great upheaval and change, it is even more important to reach for a level of insight previously muted. As we are listening, there may be some uncomfortable emotions that bubble to the surface. While it is tempting to push through or distract to avoid discomfort, there is power in understanding what our emotions have to say. Listen to your emotions. Feel them deeply and allow yourself to be guided.

You might ask, guided towards what? Guided towards experiences, events, choices that are just right for you, even if you may not be aware of it in the moment. Only afterward, when we have the space and awareness to contemplate past events, do we discover that the change we may have feared or resisted was a needed transformational step. So, take a leap of faith. Listen to your internal wisdom. Use the surrounding upheaval to move beyond old habits or conditioning. Take a step into the unknown. Oh, what wonders we may see!