Maybe you can help me out. I’ve been searching for a new word to describe my work/play/life. There is so much talk of work-life balance. As if my work could somehow be separate from my life. Not only do I spend a lot of time engaged in work activities. I LOVE my work. I’d like to come up with a word that captures the creativity, passion, meaning, fulfillment, nourishment, and downright fun I experience in my day-to-day life. It doesn’t begin or end when I go to work. Or head for home. Or travel—for work or leisure. It’s all the same to me. There’s not a full stop transition from one place to another. Or one activity to another. It is all of me.

I don’t work just to earn an income (although earning an income is certainly nice). I work to be challenged. To grow. To create. To transform. I work to live. My work is my calling. My purpose. I’m driven to look for the next new experience. And my work is full of these opportunities. Not to say that I don’t ever get tired. Or overwhelmed. Or frustrated. Or maybe it’s because I feel these things that I love it so much. I don’t ever want it to be too easy. I like a challenge. I like waking up in the early hours to create, solve, and envision. I want to sink my teeth deeply into the flesh of life. And savor the pleasure of it.

So if you are inspired as I am by your work/play/life and come up with a new word or phrase that captures the essence of it, drop me a line. I’d love to hear about it.